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 “Always Thought A Lanky Guy Will Never Have A Chance In Bollywood” Vicky Kaushal.


Actor Vicky Kaushal who has a huge fan following and has been tagged as national crush by his female fans initially felt that “a lanky guy” like him would never be able to make it big in Bollywood, adding that he struggled hard to build his confidence.

“Life has been wonderful, I have learned so much over the period of time. My parents always made sure I am grounded and it’s their upbringing which has helped me reach here. While we were growing up, our parents were very clear between necessity and luxury. Luxury was something which Sunny (Kaushal) and I had to earn ourselves,” Vicky said, adding: “I struggled to build my confidence at first because choosing acting as a career, appearances needs to be on point. Always thought a lanky guy will never have a chance, but here we are.”

Talking about pursuing his passion for acting, Vicky said: “During my engineering tenure, I never thought of being an actor. Visiting an industrial place gave me clear goals and made me realise what I didn’t want to do in life. I channelled my thoughts and interest only to realise performing is what I love the most.”

“My father was quite astonished when I broke out the news of pursuing acting as a career. He was always of the opinion that one of the family members would have a sedentary life with a desk job paying fixed income on monthly basis and vacationing in Diwali with all the family members,” he added.

On the film front, the actor will soon be seen in “Udham Singh” and “Takht”.