Social Media was incomplete without the junior SRK- Aryan Khan; said his fans. For the past many months, he had been inactivated on the social media platform without giving any notice. However, the internet found a new post by Aryan Khan in which he was seen with his siblings. Junior SRK was smiling out loud along with his sister Suhana Khan and the brother AbRam Khan.

He was wearing a green shaded T-shirt followed by a jacket and hugged his siblings with loving gestures. Aryan was looking cool with the silver cuboidal pendant and was feeling classy with his rings and bracelet. Undoubtedly, his siblings’ heart was filled with happiness and joy while hugging their brother so lovingly.

After seeing his posted photograph on social media, The Handsome hunk of the Bollywood industry, Mr Shah Rukh Khan commented, ”Why I don’t have these pictures!!!!!! Give them to me NOW,”. In addition, Aryan replied back with a funny gesture, “I’ll send them to you the next time I post…so probably in a few years haha.”

Not only Shahrukh Khan but also many of his fans got overwhelmed and showed their love in the comment section. Aryan khan’s entry on the social platform spread the craziness worldwide. People who found Instagram boring earlier now uploading his post as their stories on their profiles.

At last, A warm welcome has been got by Mr Aryan Khan who showed his presence and existence after so long.