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Bigg Boss OTT 3: Kritika’s Humorous Take on Married Life Sparks Laughter, Emotional Revelations Follow


In the latest episode of “Bigg Boss OTT 3”, the atmosphere was filled with both laughter and poignant revelations as contestants delved into personal stories and relationships. The season has been marked by its diverse cast sharing emotional journeys and occasional conflicts over trivial matters.

One of the highlights involved Armaan Malik, a YouTuber known for his unconventional family setup with two wives, Payal and Kritika. The trio has been a focal point of discussion, with opinions divided on their participation. However, they continue to share their life experiences candidly on the show.

During a morning interaction in the washroom area, contestant Poulomi Das humorously questioned Armaan about the comfort level between him and his wives, particularly regarding sharing towels. Armaan responded lightheartedly, asserting that as husband and wives, they are comfortable sharing such things.

The moment took a humorous turn when Kritika chimed in with a witty remark, quipping, “If I can share someone else’s husband, then what’s the big deal about a towel?” Her comment sparked laughter among the contestants, including Armaan himself.

However, amidst the lighter moments, deeper emotions surfaced when Payal opened up about her initial struggles accepting Armaan’s second marriage. She recounted leaving home with her son due to discomfort, enduring a difficult phase that even led to thoughts of self-harm. Eventually, she found strength to return and accept the situation for the sake of her child.

The episode showcased a blend of humor, emotional vulnerability, and personal growth among the contestants, making it a compelling watch for viewers. As “Bigg Boss OTT 3” continues, audiences can expect more such moments that blend entertainment with heartfelt narratives.