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“Bigg Boss OTT 3: Outcry Over Payal Malik’s Controversial Eviction Sparks Debate on Fairness”


In a controversial turn of events on Bigg Boss OTT 3, contestant Payal Malik faced eviction amidst allegations of unfair treatment by the show’s management. Her departure from the reality TV series, which followed shortly after Neeraj Goyat’s exit, has ignited a storm of criticism from her supporters. Fans took to social media platforms, particularly Instagram, where JioCinema’s official page confirmed the news, to express their disappointment and outrage.

Payal Malik, who had entered the show accompanied by her husband Armaan Malik and his second wife Kritika Malik, was ousted from the competition due to insufficient votes from the audience. This decision prompted backlash from viewers who accused the show of partiality and demanded a boycott in protest against what they perceive as biased actions.

On Instagram, reactions poured in condemning the eviction as unjust. Many fans questioned the presence of other contestants like Deepak, Munisha, Naezy, and Sana Sultan, suggesting disparities in the criteria for elimination. One comment lamented, “Payal doesn’t deserve this. Unfair eviction,” reflecting a sentiment echoed across social media platforms.

The controversy surrounding Payal Malik’s exit from Bigg Boss OTT 3 underscores ongoing debates about transparency and fairness in reality television competitions. As discussions intensify online, supporters of the ousted contestant continue to voice their discontent, signaling a wider debate on the integrity of such popular reality shows.