When it comes to thrill and horror nobody can beat the one and only “SCREAM QUEEN” Bipasha Basu. She is the most scrolled up actress in Bollywood Film Industry. Besides all these, Bipasha has set an example by being the hot, glamorous and attractive actress. Instead of complaints and demands she believes in unstoppable success. Her fit physique reflects how much she cares about her fitness and the figure.

Currently, Bipasha’s pregnancy is touching the headlines of Bollywood industry. The perfect-pose pictures of her and the husband is getting popular every next day. In addition, the fittest woman has recently joined the campaign of the actresses working in Bollywood. The actresses are gonna embrace the mothership, seems interesting.

Moreover, In a recent interview talk with the news portal, Bipasha Basu expressed her heart out by saying Karan and she wanted the baby since so long. Even since when the covid was not even there. But their plan to have a baby took a pause instinctively. They gave one more shot after it and in 2021 they made their mind to become parents finally. She is no more interested in making movies and going into the industry as Bipasha wants to take the responsibility of being a mother.

She expressed her happiness by sharing a post with her gentle words; Bipasha wrote, ‘A new time, a new phase, a new light adds another unique shade to our prism of life. Making us a little more whole than we used to be. We began this life individually and then we met each other and from then we were two. Too much love for only two, seemed a little unfair for us to seeso soon, we who once were two will now become three. (sic).’