Ayan Mukerji can be seen delving into the film’s background in the most recent Brahmastra video. Alongside Alia, Ranbir Kapoor plays the lead in the movie. It also stars  Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna, and Mouni Roy in it.

Ayan was seen offering background information for the movie in the video’s opening.

The video acknowledged that the “astras” are the core of the story by referring to the “never before seen world of ancient Indian astras” and then naming all of the relevant astras, including Vanarastra, Nandiastra, Jalastra, Prabhastra, Pawanastra, and Brahmastra.

Ayan went on to say, “Brahmastra Part 1: Shiva is the first film in this Astraverse.” It opens with an image of a group of sages in the Himalayas engaged in intense meditation from a mystical era in ancient India.

The sages are granted “The Light of the Universe” for their meditation. The four energies—wind, fire, water, and earth—were then discussed. Specifically, the Jal (water), Pawan (wind), and Agny (fire) astras.

Furthermore, there are astras within which different animals reside, such as the Vanarastra, “which can give the person who controls it the strength of a Super Monkey.”

However, the Brahmastra, which carries the universe’s light, is the Astra that is of the utmost significance.

The sages pledge to protect these astras, and in their capacity as the Brahmastra’s keepers, they refer to themselves as the Brahmansh, a secret society that will exist among other men and use the power of these astras to do good in the world.

As time passes, humanity advances, and so does Brahmastra. The Brahmansh continues to exist in secrecy in our modern world, passing down the astras from generation to generation.

He then went on to discuss Ranbir’s character, Shiva. “He is titled after the God, who is most dear to me personally, the most mystical, the all-powerful, and my greatest inspiration- Shiva,” Ayan added.