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Centigrade media presents the most trending beat of the season “Border” Featuring Saturday Saturday boy “ Indeep Bakshi”


Centigrade media in association with its American counterpart Glam R LLC by Ranu Sinha presents the most trending beat of the season “Border” Featuring Saturday Saturday boy “ Indeep Bakshi”. The song has been released on one of the biggest platforms Zee Music Company. Sahil Kapoor, director of centigrade media has been working in the industry for more than a decade.

Having an eye professionally, he has been successful in directing and producing some famous hits in the music industry in the passing years. This is Sahil Kapoor’s third time in a row to work as a director with Indeep Bakshi. He specializes in storytelling and direction to set the exact tone for the Music. His locations are his USP they are always visually appealing and add an extra star to the cinematography. “Collaboration of creative minds is the only method of expansion” says Dr. Ranu Sinha. Her mission towards creative collaborations began in the year 2016 and has been a dedicated contributor to the Bollywood industry and is known for some musical associations in India.


On the onset of covid 19, the team has managed to produce a Music video for the audience that could be your go-to song for the Saturday night staying at home. Fight your pandemic blues with this new release. The video finds Mind-blowing visuals of the Indian rapper Indeep Bakshi through the trails of California. The song is beautifully written and compiled by Kirat Gill and duly sung by Indeep Bakshi and Raman Gill.

Through the intersection of music, pop, culture and style Border is an amalgamation of all with a story line and visuals like never before. It focuses on consolidating the best content, with the diversity in the genre that is meant to satisfy any Music lover. They intend on sharing their world of complex lifestyle with you by the renowned artist Indeep Bakshi who sets a tone of rap perfectly across the table.

Indeep Bakshi rose to fame a couple years ago for his rap in the hit song “Saturday Saturday” The Singer since then has been releasing individual projects as well as been getting great opportunities in the Bollywood industry. He is an architect by profession but Music has always been his passion. He has a specific audience who adores his

music and Indeep Bakshi caters to the same. Border is one amongst his genre of songs. It’s a fun part going nature track which would elevate the temperature of your party.

Centigrade Media a production house gaining fame amongst Bollywood and Punjab Industry has become a talk of the town into the otherwise monopolistic industry. Despite of a massive lockdown that has driven away the industry, they have managed to beautifully bring out some major hits abiding by all the government laid rules. Attributing their faster growth to diverse content they are definite about a promising future and tend to release more such songs for their audience. On asking the director of Centigrade media said “Every dark tunnel has a new opening with sunshine, exactly the way this situation in India is right now, we kept ourselves focused and were dedicated to bring smile on the faces
of our audience at this hour” He is grateful to his dedicated listeners to already give the Music video so much love and support. The Music video has already entered the Million club within no time.