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“Chandu Champion Kickstarts Box Office Journey with Strong Day 1 Advance Sales: Kartik Aaryan’s Sports Drama Sells Over 42,000 Tickets!


The much-anticipated release of ‘Chandu Champion’ has finally hit the silver screens, bringing with it a wave of anticipation among cinephiles. With Kartik Aaryan leading the charge, all eyes are on this sports drama, especially in the wake of recent lackluster performances by Bollywood biggies like ‘Bade Miyan Chote Miyan’ and ‘Maidaan’. Against this backdrop, the film’s day 1 advance booking numbers have garnered significant attention.

In a cinematic landscape where mid-sized and content-driven films are carving out their own success stories, ‘Chandu Champion’ seems poised to follow suit. With recent successes like ‘Munjya’ showcasing the potential of such ventures, expectations are high for Kartik Aaryan’s latest outing.

Initial reports indicated a modest performance in advance bookings, with ‘Chandu Champion’ struggling to breach the 1 crore mark. However, a late surge propelled the film beyond expectations, culminating in a final tally of 1.22 crores in gross advance bookings, with over 42,000 tickets sold nationwide.

A strategic move by the film’s makers to offer discounted ticket rates further bolstered its prospects, with yesterday’s announcement of a special rate of 150 rupees enticing more viewers to book their seats. This tactical maneuver not only contributed to the surge in advance bookings but also sets the stage for robust footfall through over-the-counter sales.

As ‘Chandu Champion’ embarks on its cinematic journey, these early indicators suggest a promising start for Kartik Aaryan and the entire team. With the stage set for an engaging narrative coupled with audience-friendly pricing strategies, the film is poised to make its mark at the box office in the days to come.”