Home Entertainment Combining Indian jewellery with global sensibility : Shilpa Mittal.

Combining Indian jewellery with global sensibility : Shilpa Mittal.


Shilpa Mittal is a jewellery designer whose collection invokes a thought and her inspirations are philosophies related to basic values of life which she very ceremoniously imbues in her creations.

Known for her rajasthani miniature art. she completed her Jewellery Designing Course from SNDT College, Mumbai.
After completing Designing Course in Mumbai she completed her further training in Bangkok

Although she never thought of becoming an Entrepreneur, but the soul of adesigner pushed her to stretch her wings and glide in boundless sky of creativity where she is leaving lasting impression.

Today’s Shilpa Mittal is better known for her collections in Tarash and Aakriti, the two different but symmetric skills, in which she showcases her tenacious connection with ethnicity, tradition and cultural values.Most of the people live their lives, but creators like her, mould their life to fit in their niche.

She has been felicitated with many awards, she was awarded Best Jewellery Designer and Business woman award by India leadership Awards and Woman Entrepreneur of the Year by National Institute of Education and research Delhi.

She creates designs with Rajasthani
Miniature art, upholding taste and preferences of all age-groups with deliberate effort to bring customs, traditions and culture of India at forefront. Shilpa describes herself
as designer who fuses traditional Indian jewellery with global sensibility.

In her endeavours she is not only promoting the lost and forgotten art forms but is also
improving life of artisans that have kept these arts alive against severest odds. we will see her latest launch which promises for more creations with ethnic
themes and glimpse of striking craftsmanship