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Even today, it is a challenge for TV actors to find good work: Karan Tacker


With the popularity of OTT platforms rising in India many things in entertainment industry are changing. Many actors have claimed that there is more artistic freedom along with increased number of opportunities for them. However, there are still a lot of loopholes in the system. TV actors are still facing discrimination when it comes to bagging quality and serious projects.

Popular television actor Karan Tacker confirms that the ‘TV actor’ tag still exists, despite people stating otherwise. Tacker, who made his digital debut last year with Neeraj Pandey’s Special OPS, says, “People say it is a great time for everybody and we are breaking through, but it is still very challenging for an actor from TV. I am talking about myself. What happens is it is not that one project that is making a difference anymore now for an actor from TV. They expect project after project, and until you are not giving back-to-back hits, people do not want to take that risk in making something with you because you are from television.”

The 35-year-old feels that even today, it is a challenge for TV actors to find good work. “I know how hard it is for my peers from TV to get work that you really want to do. Bada tough hai, aaj bhi. Even for me who has done Special OPS, I am being very picky in my next projects. It has taken me literally nothing less than four-five years to make a mark for myself and for people to forget that I did TV, and I may be more than just a pretty looking face” the actor confesses.

The notion still stands “nice and hard” according to Karan. He also feels that TV actors are cornered slightly. “Think about it, how many actors from TV are working on the web successfully? Bollywood actors are coming to the web as well. That’s the catch. People keep saying doors have opened and content has become so on and so forth, which is true. But I don’t see any actors from TV doing well-mounted projects. So yes, they (makers) just refuse to look at actors from TV even for web projects, 100 percent,” concludes the actor.