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Fit And Famous : A Global Fashion Community


Host Actor Ajay Rajpal & Fashionista Pooja Bhutani

Fitness is the new Sexy !_

When Who’s of Who joined Delhi biggest Fashion Extravaganza, August 22, at the Club Roar New Delhi to celebrate the announcement of pre launch of ‘Fit and Famous’ – the next fitness and glamour revolution that aims at creating a global lifestyle community. The community is dedicated to those who believe that fitness and fashion are basics.
Socialite Actor Ajay Rajpal and fashionista Pooja Bhutani well-known for their glamorous aura and sartorial prowess, while announcing the community, they mentioned that the objective is to connect like-minded fashionistas through a global platform.

Bhawna Rajpal
 The common goal of the community would be to exchange healthy perspectives and amplify trendy voices for fostering fitness and glamourous environment around the world. Ajay and Pooja will reveal more exciting details about the concept and next steps soon.
Despite the electrifying announcement, Ajay’s wife Bhawna Rajpal ensured all eyes were on her as she attended the gala night too in her wine color chic gown. She teamed her elegant outfit with a pair of golden chunky heels and a gold glittery pouch bag her side.
Sona Sharma 

Dilli Darling Fame Sona Sharma, the reality star, oozed style and glamour in her scintillating black dress which boasted dramatic airs as she arrived with a pair of transparent Glittery Silverish Stellatos heels and compact bag slung over her shoulder for the swanky event.

Ajay and Pooja were thrilled to have their pals supporting this latest concept. Pooja’s husband *Gaurav bhutani* was all smiles as he arrived to cheer the gala night.
Delhi most hyped party saw an Host of style divas, fashionistas, socialites, fitness enthusiasts attended the posh and polished night that included prominent names from the capital such as MTV Splitsvilla season 7 winner Mayank Gandhi, model and actor Shilpa Taluja,  Model Sanjana Mehra, Tina Dhingra, Anuradha Malhotra, Monica Singh, Sana Shah, Socialites  Rachna Kotwal, Nishi Malhotra, Anjali Gupta, Pavan Suri,  Karan Jaswal among others.
The evening included a preview of the concept ‘Fit & Famous’, and brief introductions to the sponsored brands, including cake-cutting ceremony.
Folks can’t wait to peep into the pandora box full of fitness and glamour – Team ‘Fit & Fam’, our readers eagerly wait to hear you now!