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Huma Qureshi to set up a 30-bed pediatric ward for COVID relief in New Delhi


As India gears up for a possible third wave of COVID-19, Bollywood actor Huma Qureshi, along with Save the Children, is going to set up a 30-bed pediatric ward in New Delhi. Since it has been predicted that children will be impacted to a greater degree child-specific needs are the focus of this new initiative called ‘Breath of Life’.

Special care is being taken to make ward child-friendly, as that helps in healing. The walls are being painted in ways to make them pleasant and friendly for children.

Huma Qureshi for ‘Breath of Life’ initiative

On 29 June, Huma and the Save the Children staff visited the Tilak Nagar Colony Hospital, New Delhi to take stock of the progress of the initiative, where she also made an effort to join the ongoing painting work.

Talking about the new initiative, She said, “At Tilak Nagar Colony Hospital in Delhi I witnessed first-hand how hard work and earnest intentions do bear fruit. My ‘Breath of Life’ mission with Save the Children has received massive support and empowered us to set up a 100-bed COVID Facility in the city I proudly call my home. A big thank you to everyone who contributed and stood up for the people in their hour of need.”

She further spoke about the speculated third COVID wave and continued, “But the battle is not yet over, with speculation rife about an anticipated third wave and its potential impact on our children, we need to be prepared. I am not waiting for the situation to get worse like the second wave. Together with Save the Children we are prepping already to add a 30- bed pediatric ward to this facility, dedicated for Delhi’s children.”

“And keeping children in mind, we want to create a ward that is child-friendly colours, wall painted with animals. And today, I joined the team in painting the wall. It was overwhelming to see it all come alive. And most of all, to experience the child in me,” Huma concluded.

Reportedly Huma also met the Commissioner Gynaesh Bharti and Additional Commissioner Randhir Sahay of South Delhi municipal corporation (SDMC), during which a team of doctors was also present with her. The SDMC commissioner thanked Huma Qureshi and Save the Children for the ‘Breath of life’ initiative.

Huma and Save the Children’s mission ‘Breath of Life’ has received massive support to set up a 100-bed COVID facility in the city. Save the Children is setting a 12 beds ICU in Satara but much more needs to be done.

Many celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, Amitabh Bachchan, Sonu Sood, Varun Dhawan, Akshay Kumar, and many more have come forward to help people affected worst by the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.