Shahid Kapoor surprised fans when he revealed to be chasing big filmmakers for great roles

after Kabir Singh as he was new to the club of big, 200-300 crore hits at the trailer launch of Jersey.

In an interview with BollywoodLife Shahid revealed-

“I went around like a beggar after Kabir Singh was released. I went to all of these people who had made films worth 200-250 crores. I had never been a member of this club before, so it was all new to me.”

“I’ve been in the industry for 15-16 years and have never had a grosser like this.

So, when it finally happened, I had no idea where to go because it was all new to me,” Shahid added.

During an interview with BollywoodLife Shahid was questioned up if it really was the case with him, now that some time have passed since Kabir Singh,

and Jersey, too, is ultimately going to hit theatres, he even now needs to approach all those big filmmakers for interesting roles.

Answering to that Shahid said:

“See, I have said that, but really what I intended is that I’ve always been reaching out to all types of film- makers for work, still do,

and will always keep on going to do so as there’s nothing wrong in that.

I’m not bothered if I need to go up to a filmmaker and ask for work or discuss the possibility of collaborating, and there is nothing wrong in that”.