Elon Musk’s trans daughter, formerly known as Xavier Alexander Musk, has requested the judiciary to modify her gender recognition from male to female and also to register her new name. She stated that she wants to go by the name Vivian Jenna Wilson.

Elon Musk’s 18-year-young daughter has legally changed her name to distance herself from her billionaire father, according to legal filings made public on Monday (20th June).

In a petition for both a name change and a new birth certificate, she stated, “I no longer live with and wish to be related to my biological father in any way, shape, or form.”

After turning 18, California’s legal age of consent, Musk’s daughter furthermore changed her gender identification from male to female.

The documents, which were submitted to the Santa Monica branch of the Los Angeles County Superior Court in April, were just recently made public by online media reports.

The online document had redacted her new name. Justine Wilson, her mother, was wed to Elon from 2000 until their divorce in 2008.

Together, Musk and Wilson are parents to five kids. Additionally, Musk and singer Grimes have two kids.Wilson expressed her pride in her daughter in a tweet on Tuesday (21st June).

Additional inquiries for comment did not immediately elicit a response from her. It was impossible to reach Musk’s daughter’s representatives right away.

No additional information was provided regarding the conflict between Elon Musk’s daughter and her father, the head of Tesla and SpaceX.