Exclusive: Akshay Kumar disguise into Jaswant Gill; Team adds authentic Sikh look with the flavour of coal mines.

On 4th July, Akshay Kumar began filming in the UK for his untitled Tinu Desai production. The movie’s working title is Capsule Gill, but the unit reassures that this is just a placeholder name that is likely to change in the future.

Since it is a biopic of Jaswant Gill, Akshay has gone above and beyond to make sure that he looks like the real-life hero.

He will appear in a Sikh avatar, and sources claim that he spends more than an hour each day working with the makeup and prosthetics team to achieve the right look.

The very first picture of Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movie based on a mine rescue has recently been leaked.

The film’s plot centres on mining engineer Jaswant Singh Gill, who in 1989 at Raniganj Coalfields freed 64 trapped miners from a mine. In the film, Akshay will play the role of Jaswant Gill.

According to reports, Akshay is currently in the UK filming the movie. More than 100 acres of land have been set aside for the film’s shooting.

End of August will mark the completion of the actor’s shoot. In addition, a fan in Yorkshire field took the photo of Akshay in Sikh avtaar.