For a very long time, James Cameron and his team have kept the specifics of Kate Winslet’s role in the forthcoming Avatar 2 under wraps.

Although some underwater stunts were being performed by the Titanic actor, little was known about her character’s specifics.

She has finally released the first image of her character Ronal.

The Oscar-winning actor revealed to Empire that Ronal, the chief of the Metkayina tribe that inhabits Pandora’s vast oceans, will have a pivotal role in the upcoming movie.

Kate told the publication that , “She is deeply loyal and a fearless leader, she is powerful, a fighter.”

“She still stands with her people and defends what she values most, even in the face of extreme peril and while carrying an unborn child on board. Her family as well as their home,” added Kate.

In the movie, Kate pulls off some superhuman skills and abilities, including holding her breath underwater for ‘seven minutes and 14 seconds,’ according to her own acceptance.

The middle-aged woman said, “Learning something not just new, but superhuman was the most amazing thing for me.” Cameron mentioned the same thing in 2019 when he was filming with Winslet for her role.