Actress Janhvi Kapoor admitted that the late Sridevi and Boney Kapoor did not grasp the notion of “cool” and urged her to marry the man she liked. ” It’s always been a predicament when you’re dating. I’m not sure why, but my parents have always been pretty theatrical about it. It’s similar to saying, ‘Come to us when you fancy a person, and we’ll get you married.’ I thought, “Wha—?” You understand that we are not obligated to marry every man we admire. We can also be easygoing. She asks, “What does chill mean?” when you say, ‘chill’.   Thus, they lack a cool mentality,” Janhvi told Filmfare. Kartik Aaryan and Ishaan Khatter have both been connected to the actress in the past.

Janhvi confirmed that she is no more dating anybody nowadays. Moreover, she even doesn’t want to.

Janhvi, despite being a social media celebrity, frequently receives negative comments and abuse on Instagram. In response to the situation, she told to E-times, “I think it’s best not to take it seriously.” simply to enjoy it a little. There are several enjoyable and interactive things that you may perform. Making reels and other such things is, in my opinion, a lot of fun since it is so artistically stimulating. My profile is like a journal every time I open it, am I right? Or, something along the lines of, I went out today, I looked cute today, it’s all great, but I don’t receive any validation from it. I believe it would be terribly shallow of me to assess my peers or myself based only on their social media activity. It is not tangible. You must understand that none of it is genuine.”