Late Sridevi alive once again in Janhvi Kapoor’s talk.


It’s not easy to cope with Bollywood and you cannot be always naive. Janhvi Kapoor started her career in the film industry in the year 2018. Her first successful debut was Dhadak in which she was accompanied by Ishaan Khattar. Janhvi Kapoor becomes very much serious when it comes to movies. Not only this but also she wants to make her family proud and especially her late mother, Mrs Sridevi.

In her recent interview, Janhvi Kapoor talked about how her mother taught her to survive in the film industry. She told that Late Sridevi was always telling Janhvi that Bollywood could give you many low times even when you were not prepared at all. She said people will compare her 300 movies to her first and still she has to be strong in her work. According to her Janhvi has to be “tough” before entering Bollywood. She said that she doesn’t want Janhvi to face all the hurt and get habitual to that lifestyle. “Janhvi is too much naive and innocent for all these double faces,” said Late Sridevi. Besides all these talks Janhvi made up her mind and went into Bollywood in 2018.

Sridevi got her peace in 2018. She always wanted to see her daughter married instead of going into the film industry. No doubt, Sridevi was an extremely great actress who has given ample superhit movies to the Bollywood industry. But the reason she didn’t want her daughter to be in the same sector was that Bollywood has not a happening life all the time, instead, there are so many setbacks of that too.

When asked by Janhvi do people really compare? She said yes. She told that people did compare her first four movies but she is not going to let herself suffer.


Janhvi Kapoor doesn’t let anything fear her instead she is all ready to face whatever comes to her. She wants to make her mother proud and the family too. Even after knowing all the negative sides she is all bold and sets herself free for anything without any boundaries.