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The Pirates of the Caribbean star makes shocking claims against Amber Heard, saying she ‘defecated’ on his bed while he was sleeping


The real-life courtroom drama starring Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has got everyone’s attention. After his ex-wife Amber Heard penned an op-ed alleging domestic violence, the Pirates of the Caribbean celeb dragged her to court.

Johnny Depp claimed she tarnished his image and that he has never beat her or any other woman. Amber Heard, on the other hand, filed a libel suit against him, alleging that his case makes her appear like a ‘liar.’

The trial is now underway, and some surprising revelations are being made. Johnny Depp testified before a state judicial officer in Fairfax County, Virginia on Wednesday.

He also revealed an incident in which Amber is said to have defecated on his side of bed. “I had received some news. I was shown a picture of the problem. I had taken to Mr Bett ( Sean Bett, his security guard ) and said, ‘She’s at Coachella,” he was quoted as saying.

I think it’s a good time for me to go downtown and get some of my belongings out of there,’ especially those that were valuable to me…

‘I don’t think now is a good time to leave,’ he said. And I thought to myself, ‘This is the ideal time.’ She won’t be back for another two days.’ According to Entertainment Weekly, “then he showed me a photograph on his phone of… it was a photograph of our bed, and on my side of the bed, there was human faeces.”

Johnny Depp whereupon stated that looking at the photograph made him laugh because it was “so bizarre and so grotesque.” The actor who is said to have testified that Amber was the one who hit him not the vive versa it.