Mentalist Suhani Shah correctly identified the name of Bollywood star Kareena Kapoor Khan’s particular guardian angel. Mrs Kapoor Khan was taken aback. Suhani posted the identical video on her YouTube account.

Suhani can be seen displaying a collection of pictures of the actress that have been taken throughout the years in the video. The con artist then instructed Bebo to select one at random from among them.

One fragment of the image that Kareena had chosen was then sliced and burned and presented to the actress. Later, Suhani prompted the actress to recall the companion she has had on both happy and terrible days.

She asked a few inquiries before revealing that person’s name was “Amu.” This completely stunned Kareena, and you could see it on her face as well. She stated: “God, oh God! How did it go? She’s been told by someone.”

Suhani went on to say that Kareena’s been training mentalism for over 25 years and has never cheated. In response, Bebo remarked, “Are you a guru or something? You should be phoning individuals and letting them know that you’re able to do this and assist people because this is a legitimate profession that you have.”

Meanwhile, Kareena thought the mentalist session was a horror one.