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Kuwar Virk making a statement in Punjab music industry with his hit songs.



Kuwar Virk is an Indian music director, singer, rapper, and songwriter who released his Punjabi song ‘Aho Nii Aho’ on 25th of January. Kuwar collaborated with renowned Punjabi artist Gagan Kokri for this project. The song is already getting very good response from the audience. Song crossed a million views on YouTube as well as on tiktok within few days of it’s release. But the good news for Kuwar does not stops here, his music company, Virk station music has launched Deep Ramby as it’s first artist with another song titled ‘ Tell me’ and this song is also recieving love of all the music lovers worldwide. As Kuwar is basking in the sun of his success we asked him few questions regarding his professional and personal life.

Q. You are a Singer, music producer, rapper and a songwriter, which profession is closest to your heart?

A. I’ve enjoyed every aspect of making music but if I had to choose one out of these I think it will be music producer because that’s where my journey started.

Q. Tell something about your major entry in Bollywood as a singer with song “Malamaal” from movie Housefull 3.

A. Many people might not know this but I started my career in bollywood with blockbuster song ‘chittiyan kalaiyan’. I was a programmer for that song. After this Mikka paaji called me and gave me ‘Malamaal’ which definately was a turning point of my career.

Q Although you are an artist who makes songs of pop culture. what are your views on classical songs?

A. I mostly make pop songs because I want to cheer up my audience and make them feel happy and energetic. But I’ve also done few classical songs for eg. I have sang qawwalis. I believe classical songs are the roots of Indian music but my audience is mostly youngsters and I think they like pop culture better.

Q. What do you think is the most important component of a song, is it lyrics or music?

A. I think lyrics are most important component because that’s where the content of the song is. But good lyrics need to be accompanied with good music to make the song impactful.

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