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Love School Fame Nitin Ahuja Has Thrown Biggest Birthday Bash Ever In Delhi Recently


Birthdays are one of the most unforgettable occasions of the year. They serve as a reminder of our age, as well as a symbol of how far we’ve come.

Recently on May 18th, MTV Love School Season 3 fame Nitin Ahuja have thrown the biggest birthday bash ever in the most extravagant way at the very popular club of Delhi ‘Pikkle’.

On Nitin Ahuja’s birthday, all the popular faces from the television and fashion industries were present to celebrate his big day. The grand birthday bash witnessed many celebrities, fashion designers, super models, youtubers, casting directors, top groomers, entrepreneurs and many modelling agency owners.

Birthday guy Nitin looked super cool and super dapper in his stunning Black Double Breasted Striped Suit. The attire was designed by his favourite celebrity designer @bespokeebySuhhassGrover.

Nitin Ahuja looked flattering, vivid, and captivating as always he completed his look with dapper glasses and with his charming smile.

Nitin made sure that his birthday decor was unlike somebody had ever seen before, and his thoughts turned out to be true as all of the invitees could be seen taking their pictures or videos in the front of the decor only.

Even Nitin have shared a video of him standing in front of his birthday decor, he can be seen flaunting his stunning styled suit along with his big charismatic smile.

It looked like Nitin’s birthday thunder is taken by his appealing party decor, never the less Nitin had got a lot of warm wishes and enjoyed his happy hours with his friends and well wishers.

The essense of birthdays always lies in the birthday cakes. Guests were blown away as the most awaited moment of the night finally showed up which was the cutting of all the beautifully decorated cakes amidst the champagne showers.

The celebrity photographer Jitesh Bhatia (shotsbyjb_) made sure to capture all the memorable moments with the finest of his skills. Nitin’s birthday bash got covered by all the esteemed media, and he personally made sure to make this birthday memories live in everyone’s heart for a lifetime.