Home Entertainment “Modelling helped Kanika develop her confidence” say her parents.

“Modelling helped Kanika develop her confidence” say her parents.


Flip through any magazine,
channel-surf on any given night, even drive by any stretch of highway billboards, and there they are adorable kids showing off the latest in kiddie couture.Modelling involves a lot of hard work but it is also a great way of gaining new experiences for a kid.

Kanika Rawat who is a child model and a dancer is an excellent example of how kids can become more confident once they walk through a ramp or get a photoshoot done.

Kanika is only 7 year old and has already won many pageants. She was a part of India kids fashion week season 7 , she was 2nd runner up of India rising kids season 3, She also participated in India Bollywood fashion show 2020 by actors Buddy and India Talent league fashion show .

Kanika has also worked with Amazon and has done many TV ads and magazine shoots. Kanika is fluent in both Hindi and English.

However it’s important to note that although modelling is something that even your little one can do but it surely isn’t a cake walk and involves a lot of hard work. Being pretty and cute are not the only criteria for being in the field of modelling. There are many qualities that your child needs to possess in order to become a model.

Kanika’s mom, Indu Rawat told us that “Kanika was never a shy kid she could easily interact with people and was very confident in front of camera.”

Mr. And Mrs. Rawat also recall times when certain shoots took longer than expected to complete. On the other hand, there were many times when shoots were expected to be done in a stipulated time however Kanika is even
comfortable in these situations.

Kanika’s parents say that they are really proud of their daughter and they are always going to support her with her career.

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