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My Father was very happy seeing his kid become an engineer: Vicky Kaushal


Vicky Kaushal is undoubtedly a feather on Bollywood’s hat. But did you know that his father was keener on him pursuing engineering as a profession. However, the actor felt that it was not the field where he could fit in.

Vicky who is featuring on Into The Wild with Bear Grylls revealed this during a conversation with famed adventurer Bear Grylls “Actually, I have been an engineering student and he was very happy seeing his kid become an engineer. Because nobody in my family before me has ever done a 9 to 5 job where they get monthly pay checks, where they get weekends off so they can plan family time,” he shared.

The actor further added that “In the second year of my graduation, the faculty took me to an industrial visit to show us what the future is like and how companies work and all that and I went there, and till that time I was actually a rat in the race. But the day I went there I saw people working over there in front of computers, I just couldn’t feel that and for the first time in my life I just was very sure of something that I don’t belong here.”

Talking about his childhood, the Uri actor says: “I grew up in a house which was practically little bigger than this shack that we’ve created. It was a 10/10 house with no separate kitchen or bathroom. That’s where I was born. And from thereon it has been my family’s journey. And we’ve seen each step of the ladder, you know, as a family. And that I think makes you a very strong person in the journey.”

Vicky who had never been into sea water due to his fears said, “I’ve never actually in my life got into sea water. Not even shallow sea water or deep-sea water. Never! If we are going into sea water then it’s going to be my first time and hopefully, I’ll be getting rid of my fears.”

Vicky even tried eating a raw crab for the first time.

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