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“My parents are worried that I might end up not getting married ever” Taapsee Pannu


Actor Taapsee Pannu recently got candid about her love life and her marriage plans. The actress revealed that her parents want her to ‘just get married’, be it to anyone. Adding that she will not go against her parents wish to marry someone she said, “I wouldn’t get married to someone my parents are not okay with. I have been very honest about this to everyone I’ve dated and thought about getting married to. Kyunki mere saath yeh hota tha (this used to happen to me) whoever I dated in my head I was like ‘hann isse shaadi hosakti hai toh hi time aur energy spend karte hai iss insaan ke upar (if there is a possibility of marriage then only I should spend time and energy on this person)’…Mereko time pass karne mein koi interest nahi hai (I have no interest in doing time pass). So I’ve always seen it from that perspective toh agar nahi ho raha hai toh mat karo (so if it’s not happening then let go),”

The actress also revealed that her parents are worried that she might ‘end up not getting married ever’.

“My parents actually in return were like ki bhai ‘tu karle please shaadi, bas tu karle, kisi se bhi kar bas karle (please get married, just do it, do it with anyone)’. They are just worried I might just end up not getting married ever. Their worry is that,” she adds.

Taapsee Pannu's boyfriend Mathias Boe says her parents are under stress due  to IT raids | Bollywood - Hindustan Times

Taapsee Pannu is currently in a relationship with former badminton player and coach Mathias Boe.

Talking about her wedding plans Taapsee had earlier said, “I am yet to reach certain benchmarks in my professional life. Once I do, I’ll probably think of slowing down, doing two-three films a year instead of five-six. Only then will I have time to dedicate to my personal life.”

Speaking about being in a relationship and in public eye at the same time Taapsee had said, “I’m not married and people who are genuinely interested in my life not just to make gossip columns about it, know about it. Whoever is the person in my life is not into the profession where people are more curious about him. He is not an actor or a cricketer. He’s not even from here around.”

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