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NGO battle against hunger and health


Delhi based NGO, the Manobhavana founded and directed by Mr. Sandeep Yadav and cofounded by Mr. Manish Malik in the capital of the most diversified nation in world has taken a comprehend initiative to not let people sleep empty stomach.

Every human deserves the comfort of a meal before sleeping. India has one death in every 4 seconds due to acute hunger which collectively counts over 20 crore population yearly. Majorly victimised population is below 5 years of age to which this evil problem is affecting. The number has almost doubled since after covid, skyrocketing the hunger level and recommendations of actions.

NGOs flag global crisis of hunger spiralling over and act against it out of which one is Manobhavana foundation in India.

It is abysmal that with all the technology in agriculture and harvesting technique today we are still talking about hunger when India exports an enormous amount of cereals and stocked in godowns.

“This is not about just one city or one country and hunger never has only one cause. This is about the injustice to whole humanity when people sleep empty stomach on roads. We must not wait for the moment any longer to focus both on providing immediate lifesaving food and long-term support”, said Mr. Sandeep.

This non-profit organisation was established to help in the hunger eradication, education of needful and health of a weakling. They work for the integrated development of the community.

The foundations holds regular drive of food distribution of over 1000 food packets to the roadside folks regularly along with water in scorching heat and blankets in breezing winters. Time to time regular medical camps are being held for free checkups and reporting for the people regionally so that the ones in need can easily reach out to seek the facility provided by the foundation.

“It is concerning that this problem of hunger has not been declared pandemic along with covid when it paralysed millions of families financially.”, said Mr. Manish Malik. He also added that every youth across the country who is independent and capable should singlehandedly or join the NGO team to help through the situation in every aspect as unity is a proven powerful resource in every battlefield.

In one of the experiences of the founder, he mentioned that it feels very low and disheartening when people as old as my parents, hitting geriatrics and over come to thank for the served food and help.

Though food remains the focus, the NGO has also taken the initiative to educate children when Mr. Sandeep on one of his drive of food distribution asked a child playing around if he ever went to school and he denied. He believes that his effort is just a drop in the ocean and more is yet to be done to embrace the purpose of his only given life on this planet.

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