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Priyanka Chopra is seen in the refugee camp playing with the Ukrainian students.



UNICEF ambassador, Actress Priyanka Chopra has led the way in Poland. She has been seen connecting with the refugees forced to flee Ukraine amid the Russian invasion.

Recently, her shared photographs are now seen by everyone posted on her social media. She had her visit to the rehabilitation camps and encountered the women and children who were forced to flee their homes.

Priyanka Chopra has been urging world leaders to stand up and deal with the “humanitarian and refugee crisis” emerging out of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. She told, that more than 2 million children have been forced to leave everything behind and managed the safety concerns with neighbour countries.

After sharing the clip from Poland she said, the situation is really terrifying and people are living with a fear of the unknown. There is so much uncertainty in front of them right now as they don’t even know what their futures are going to look like.

“It’s difficult to comprehend how in the modern world this could escalate to such a catastrophic point, but this is a consequential moment that will reverberate around the world. There are innocent lives living in this war zone. They are just like you and me,” she added.