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Rashmika Mandanna’s fan travels 900 km to her home in Karnataka; Actress says “please don’t do something like this”


Fans can sometimes go above and beyond to get a glimpse their favourite stars. Recently a super-fan of actress Rashmika Mandanna travelled all the way from Telangana to Kodagu in Karnataka only to see her.

South beauty Rashmika Mandanna who is also dubbed as national crush has earned an immense fan following with her roles in films like Dear Comrade and Bheeshma

Recently one of her die-hard fans travelled 900 Km. all the way from Telangana to her home in Karnataka just to see her. But unfortunately Rashmika was not at home as she is busy shooting for her Hindi projects in Mumbai.

On finding out about this, Rashmika took to twitter to request her fans to not do something like this and only shower love through social media. She wrote, “Guys it just came to my notice that one of you had travelled super far and have gone home to see me… Please don’t do something like that… I feel bad that I didn’t get to meet you… I really really hope to meet you one day but for now show me love here… I’ll be happy!”

Reportedly fans name is Tripathi and he googled Rashmika’s address and even asked the bystanders for her house. The people living in her area immediately informed the police and he was sent back home

Rashmika is currently in Mumbai shooting for her second Bollywood project titled, Goodbye. The film stars megastar Amitabh Bachchan in the lead role and is being helmed by Vikas Bahl.