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“Rinzing gets very angry for the silliest things” Malvika Raaj on her ‘Squad’ co-star


Malvika Raaj and Rinzing Denzongpa will be soon making their debut with the Zee5 original film, Squad. During the promotion of the film Malvika revealed that her co-star Rinzing is quick to lose his temper over the ‘silliest things’.

Speaking about an incident from the set Malvika said, “Rinzing gets very angry for the silliest things. On set, when he is angry, you have to be quiet and leave him alone. So, one of the days, one of his friends left his watch in his room and Rinzing got really angry because he needed that for continuity,” she said.

She further added that she and Rinzing were sitting with their co-star, six-year-old Dishita Jain, waiting for their shot to be set up, when the actor lost his cool. “Rin realises that his friend has not yet gone to get him the watch. For something like this, he got so angry, he got up and punched the wall. And the wall cracked! There was a hole in the wall. Looking at that, the child literally jumped on my lap, she got so scared looking at him. And the next shot was Rinzing carrying her. She was so petrified of him that day that I had to hug her and tell her, ‘Don’t worry, he is very sweet’,” she shared.

However, Rinzing’s anger is quick to go Malvika said, adding that he was ‘all smiling and happy’ the very next minute.

Directed by Nilesh Sahay Squad will see Rinzing essaying the role of a member of the Indian special force who is tasked to rescue a little girl before she can be found by other nations.

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