Roshni Patel Vasram, aka Miss Roshni, the creative, lively, and visionary founder of, has beaten the odds to build Urban Asian into a potentially leading multimedia & news website.

Roshni’s early life was a lot more hard than many of us could ever imagine. At the age of 13, she was diagnosed with epilepsy.

She faced a number of challenges, and she fought back against all the challenges of epilepsy from a very young age and successfully managed to overcome the odds, including the views of intellectuals who alleged her condition would restrict her from achieving long-term success.

She tells people to never loose hope “don’t let a medical condition keep you from achieving your goals,” added Roshni.

Roshni also emphasises the importance of focusing on mental health stories like hers.

“We want to normalise the lack of communication and conversations in the South Asian community by writing stories about people and educating the audiences,” she says.

Roshni began her career at a radio station owned by her father, Mahesh, has spent the last nine years at the helm of Roshni  has grown the website as well as connected it with new audiences as an innovative and dynamic leader, making it the prominent online destination for entertainment & lifestyle news.

For its diverse coverage of celebrity gossip, film, and female entrepreneurship, UrbanAsian, is now one of the biggest media portals in the United States, continues to expand in the entertainment and lifestyle sectors. As the website celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2020, Roshni will continue to lead UrbanAsian into the next decade.

Roshni hosted IIFA in Tampa and the Bollywood Oscars, which clearly states that she is no stranger to the lime light and entertainment scene. She has also been deeply engaged in the industry, producing movies in the United States and assisting with international distribution.

Roshni has a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communication and nowadays counsels on the branding of other people’s consumer goods and services.

“Don’t let people put you down in life, even if you have a condition, you must strive for the best. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it” quotes Roshni.

This October, UrbanAsian will celebrate its 12th anniversary, not only besides being open for a decade, but also by launching a fun and interactive app for people of all ages! “the digital media realm is growing so fast that it’s sometimes hard to keep up. The idea is it to keep innovating new trends to keep people more engaged.”

She had overcame these obstacles as an epileptic patient by sharing her story and inspiring others to believe that they too can dream and develop their own passion if they just stick to it.

Share your story and create a change within you and for other too.