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Salman Khan and Anant Ambani: A Bond Celebrated Through Five Memorable Moments


Salman Khan and Anant Ambani’s enduring friendship has been showcased through a series of unforgettable moments, highlighting their close relationship and mutual admiration.

  1. Sangeet Ceremony Spectacle Salman Khan and Anant Ambani stole the spotlight at Anant’s sangeet ceremony held at Mumbai’s Jio World Centre. Dressed impeccably, Salman in a sleek black kurta-pyjama and Anant in traditional white attire, they charmed everyone with synchronized dance moves to the iconic song ‘Aisa Pehli Baar Hua Hai,’ reflecting their infectious energy and deep bond.
  2. Jamnagar Revelry During pre-wedding festivities in Jamnagar, a candid moment captured Salman Khan in his signature style, alongside Anant Ambani exuding vibrant charm in a striking yellow ensemble. The image encapsulated their camaraderie amidst the celebratory atmosphere with the Ambani family.
  3. Lighthearted Lift Attempt A playful moment emerged when Anant Ambani attempted to lift Salman Khan during the Jamnagar celebrations. Despite initial difficulty, Anant enlisted Salman’s bodyguard’s help, Shera, leading to a successful lift that delighted onlookers and underscored their playful rapport.
  4. Salman’s Praise for Anant At another Jamnagar event, Salman Khan publicly praised Anant Ambani, acknowledging his leadership qualities and collaborative spirit within the Ambani fold. Salman emphasized his commitment to recognizing others’ contributions, reinforcing their deep respect and supportive friendship.
  5. Birthday Bash Bonhomie Anant Ambani’s Mumbai birthday bash featured Salman Khan alongside Bollywood luminaries, including Punjabi singer B Praak. Their presence at the star-studded event underscored Salman’s enduring role in Anant’s life, reflecting the warm bond shared between the Ambani family and the Bollywood icon.

These moments not only highlight Salman Khan and Anant Ambani’s enduring friendship but also underscore their shared moments of joy, camaraderie, and mutual admiration in both personal celebrations and public gatherings.