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Sara Tendulkar Takes a Stand Against Deepfakes, Calls for Authenticity on Social Media


In the era of widespread artificial intelligence, the emergence of deep fake images featuring well-known personalities has become a prevalent phenomenon. Recently, Sara Tendulkar, the daughter of cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar, found herself as a target of such deceptive practices. Numerous fake accounts, bearing verification on the platform formerly known as Twitter, showcased manipulated images of Sara.

Expressing her concern over this misuse of technology, Sara took to Instagram to alert her followers about the existence of fake accounts on the platform. She emphasized the disconcerting impact of technology misuse on the authenticity of online content. In her post, she revealed encountering deep fake photos of herself that diverged significantly from reality.

Addressing the situation, Sara highlighted that several accounts on the platform, now identified as X, had been created with the explicit purpose of impersonating her and misleading people. She clarified that she does not possess an account on X, urging the platform to investigate and suspend such deceptive accounts. Emphasizing the importance of truth and authenticity on social media, Sara conveyed her hope for swift action against the impersonating profiles.

In addition to grappling with the challenges posed by deep fakes, Sara Tendulkar has also found herself in the midst of relationship rumors, specifically regarding India opener Shubman Gill. These speculations gained traction, notably in a recent episode of Koffee With Karan season 8. When questioned about her rumored boyfriends by host Karan Johar, actress Sara Ali Khan, Saif Ali Khan’s daughter, denied dating Shubman but hinted at a romantic involvement between Shubman Gill and Sachin’s daughter, Sara Tendulkar.