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Seerat Samra has been using the quarantine to polish her skills of makeup.


Seerat samra

Seerat Samra is Melbourne based makeup artist running freelance Samra’s shadesbyseerat. Seerat loves the creativity of fashion and has regularly worked backstage at runways and photoshoot. Some of her recent projects are, Fashion revival runway 2019, lakme fashion show 2019, India fashion week 2019, highend car with bollywood star Sunilshetty, and Ticket to Bollywood Miss & Mrs Punjaban 2019 & many more.

Makeup has always been her passion but was always put on hold due to other commitments. However in 2019 she finally decided to pursue her passion and turn it into career. She loves the opportunity to learn and be creative in a team environment on editorial and commercial work.

Seerat has been spending this quarantine polishing her skills of makeup. Because of the global pandemic all the fashion shows have been cancelled and Seerat also had to shutdown her makeup studio.

Seerat says that first few weeks of lockdown were difficult for her too as she didn’t knew what to do now. But soon she decided to experiment with makeup and create new looks and since then she has been learning new skills.

Seerat says that makeup is a field where new looks and techniques are invented everyday and it is very important for an artist to stay updated. She hardly used to get any time to learn new things because of her busy schedule but now because of lockdown she has plenty of time to improve herself.

Other than giving time to her passion Seerat has also done social service during lockdown she has donated money as well as food for the poor.

You can contact her for professional collaboration at
Fb/insta @shadesbyseerat
Contact +917009710638, +916284-506399, +61450605286