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SOURAV VIJ- Petscoob’s Director & a die heart lover !!


PetScoob is a new pet parenting platform that provides pet parents with all pet-related products and services. CEO of this organization is Sourav Vij, he came up with the idea for this start up while he was completing his secondary education. The ultimate goal of this start-up was to put pets’ needs first. When dog food, trainers and grooming prices were at peak, Sourav and his team decided to give the start up a try. We currently serve over 750 pet owners, spreading joy through satisfying service. The idea of ​​starting this start-up was basic enough to understand that services can sometimes bring satisfaction and happiness. Petscoob currently lists over 50 service providers who offer products and services on Petscoob’s online portal. The idea from scratch is now a great pitch from many PetScoob customers. PetScoob have great trainers to train your pets, groomers to care for your pets, walkers to keep your pets healthy and fit, pet hotel facilities to provide home care for your pets, and pet insurance to cover all emergency costs, There is a medical cover for the dog and there are over 800 pet products that are sure to hit your screen for the same price. PetScoob launched themselves in December 2020 as Covid scaled. This idea was the first step in moving pets forward. Startups need funding now, but at one point there was no such thing. We made the most of our resources. In short, PetScoob’s team members have done their best to all members for this best purpose. Morality is simple. If you do something for a good reason, you will succeed, but it takes effort. So if you don’t act and think often, nothing will work. However, while no words can describe a journey, the lessons learned from a particular journey are rewarding. PetScoob’s main goal is to “keep us safe”. We take care of your pet’s nutrition, exercise, and the well-being it deserves.

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