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“Take it with a pinch of salt and move on” Priyamani on receiving negative comments online


Actress Priyamani is getting a lot of appreciation for her work in recently released web series The Family Man 2. The actress who reprised her character Suchi in the second season recently got candid about her show’s success, dealing with negative comments online and more.

Talking about the euphoria of success of the show actress said, “My current state (of mind) is that emoji of this girl dancing like that, so that is my status at the moment. But with love pouring in from all over, right from my family to my friends, everybody has seen it. I am absolutely enjoying the fact that season 2 is taken over by a storm. Everybody is loving it. Right now, even before the interview started, I had a lot of messages on social media, WhatsApp.”

The actress further said that since she is a part of many reality shows as well, a lot of contestants have been texting her and saying that they really liked season 2 and are waiting for the third instalment.

However Priyamani has also had her share of negative comments on social media. Talking about the same the actress said “With all the negativity, I don’t know whether I can call it negative comments, but I do receive some negative comments. But first and foremost, we are in the industry where you need to have pros and cons. You can’t always be positive and can’t always be negative. So, there are people who will give you positive comments, there will be 1 or 2 who will have a mischievous naughty comment or a negative comment regarding the post. So, I think you should just take it with a pinch of salt and move on, because the moment you highlight a negative comment, or you tend to reply to it, it is like you are adding more fuel to the fire or making it bigger. So, instead of that, take with a pinch of salt and move on or the next best thing, if it is going on, and on, the next big thing is BLOCK. That’s it. “

When asked “Lonavala mein kya hua tha?” Priyamani had a quirky answer to that she said “See I have always said only two things. One is what happens in Lonavala stays in Lonavala. The second one and the most popular one is Mr Chellam knows it, so aap Chellam sir se puchiye, he might know it. Because Chellam sir seems to be everywhere these days.”

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