While it was clear from the moment it was announced that BTS would be attending the Grammy Awards in Las Vegas in 2022.

We had no idea that we’d get to see not only the group’s epic performance on Butter, but also V a.k.a Kim Taehyung’s flirtatious skills in a rather cute moment.

BTS’ V could be seen sharing a sugary flirty moment with Olivia Rodrigo during band’s performance on Butter, which has already gone viral.

The big band had given a standout performance that really was full of eloquence as they channelled a James Bond-style vibe, true to their style.

During this time, a shot between V and Rodrigo was captured, with the former whispering something into her ear as she gasped at his revelation.

At the ceremony, the two also posed for an iconic photo.

The ARMY has been taken aback by Olivia and V’s flirty moment, as they can’t control screaming with joy and a tiny bit of jealousy.

Here’s what ARMY had to say about V and Olivia Rodrigo’s Grammys 2022 moment: