This a relatively new Modus Operandi that has been adopted by cyber fraudsters to cheat people online and earning money. There are several variants of this cyber fraud. Recently, the fraudster Neelu Rani and her husband cheated a lady based out in Delhi NCR. They created a genuine looking Facebook page to sell their outfits and induced the unsuspecting customer to pay online, and once the payment was done, the customer never got the ordered product.

Instead, Neelu and her husband started abusing the lady and her family when the later asked for the money back. “I saw their page on FB and ordered a chickenkari kurti. Neelu (she herself call as Suman Patel) asked me to buy two kurtis so that I don’t have to pay any shipping charges. I purchased two kurtis from her and made the payment (Rs 900) on paytm that time only. The very next day, she asked me to pay for shipping charges and after a heated argument, I finally agreed to pay shipping charges as well. After few hours, Neelu Rani called me up and asked to buy three kurtis and started giving vague excuses.”

“When my daughter asked her to pay our money back, Neelu and her husband started harassing and abusing us very badly. Their language was absolutely pathetic and cheap. Even, they tried to fool us by making a fake paytm screenshot of Rs 900. When my daughter shouted at them for the fake screenshot, they tried to make her fall in trap again and sent her a QR code and asked to open this QR code in paytm and pay the amount. They are just shameless people or should I say FRAUDSTERS!” Delhi based customer

Neelu Rani AkA Suman Patel’s Whatsapp number- 9394886975

Neelu Rani AkA Suman Patel’s Paytm number-8697297534

Safety Precautions:
-Don’t fall prey to deep discounts, If the offer is too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

  • Search on Internet about the credentials of the shopping portal. If a large number of reviews about the site complain about non-delivery of products, then the site is probably fake.