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There needs to be a balance between what I’m doing in India and opportunities I get from West: Adarsh Gourav


Actor Adarsh Gourav who gathered international fame with The White Tiger has joined the team of an anthology series, Extrapolations. The project also include names such as Meryl Streep, David Schwimmer, and Kit Harington. While Gourav doesn’t share screen space with the global megastars, he is confident that the project has potential to push his career in Hollywood ahead.

“More than nervous, I’m extremely excited about this opportunity to work with such a diverse crew in a foreign country. It is a very promising character. I hope to maximise every opportunity that I get over here. Unfortunately Harrington, Streep, and Schwimmer, are not part of my episode. But it is still exciting to be part of a set that has so many international crew members, and a different experience altogether,” Gourav was quoted saying.

The actor hopes that he gets many more such projects both in India and abroad. “It is a very rewarding and fulfilling for me to be able to work on different projects with such different directors, and people who come from different countries and different cultures. I hope this creates more opportunities for me to work globally,” he confesses, adding he is “definitely” hoping to get to work much more outside of India.

The 27-year-old also revealed his career plans saying, “The idea is just to audition and work. I don’t really have any plans. But there needs to be a balance between what I’m doing in India and the opportunities I get from the West going forward.”

Gourav added that he is always on the lookout for people who believe in “telling stories that are different”.

“I love meeting unique individuals, and constantly looking out for such filmmakers. My condition for picking up projects is that it needs to get me excited and me being able to connect with the story on some level. Because if you are getting into the process of playing a person, it might as well be somebody who you haven’t been before, that is more rewarding for me,” he concludes.