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This can be a tough time for children because of the lockdown says Itika Choudhary.

Itika Choudhary

Itika Choudhary is a celebrity makeup artist and owner of smidgen group of companies. Itika who is a mother of a 3 year old daughter says that being a working women she hardly used to get enough time to spend with her daughter and husband therefore she is using this quarantine to do that. Itika says that she works hard to support her husband and give their daughter a successful life and has so far managed to look after her family as well as her career together.

She says that the lockdown is making us do all kinds of things like cooking and organising our homes. But when it comes to children, it becomes a tricky area. Especially during this time, when they can’t go out to play. It sure gets difficult, as parents, to manage household chores, and office work, along with having to tend to children’s needs, which is a full-time job in itself. And if quarantining is making life difficult for adults, it must be the same, if not more, for kids.

Itika believes that as adults we can understand the reason and importance of this lockdown but it is very difficult for her daughter to understand that why she can’t go out to play anymore, therefore it becomes their responsibility as parents to help their daughter with this quarantine and to keep life as normal as possible.

Itika has also been spending some quality time with herself during this lockdown she says that she does yoga in the morning to keep herself healthy and happy. She has also been trying cooking new dishes and has realised that she is a good cook too.

She feels that quarantine has helped her to come closer to her family and herself.

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