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What is AAP’s 3-point action plan for ‘nation building’?


After the oath-taking ceremony of Arvind Kejriwal and his cabinet ministers senior Aam Aadmi Party leader and Delhi minister Gopal Rai held a meeting of the state office bearers and in-charges at the chief minister’s residence in Delhi to deliberate upon the party’s future plans to expand nationwide.

“The agenda of the meeting was to discuss two things mainly. First, the message of the historic win in the Delhi elections purely on the basis of unprecedented development works in Delhi should be disseminated across the country loud and clear,” Gopal Rai said.

“With this election, Arvind Kejriwal and the AAP changed the entire nature of political discourse in the country. This is the right time to channelise the energy and enthusiasm of the volunteers to expand the party across the nation. This victory is emphatic and decisive as the BJP put all their efforts to win the elections deploying the prime minister, Union home minister and other ministers and the chief ministers from other states, using their politics of hatred,” he said.

“People of Delhi taught BJP a lesson and therefore AAP’s spectacular win with 62 out of 70 seats has important national significance. Secondly, how this victory can be used as a springboard for expanding the party nationally,” Gopal Rai added.

Further, Gopal Rai presented a three-point action plan before the meeting, which was discussed in detail and approved by the attendees.

“We have launched an extensive campaign to invite people to take part in the nation building by joining the AAP using a missed call number- 9871010101. Though this campaign launched nationally on February 11, nearly 15 lakh people have already expressed their interest to join the AAP and work for nation-building. We want to take this campaign to the next stage,” the AAP leader said.

“The three-point action plan consists of the following things: First, a state-level meeting of all active volunteers and office bearers shall be conducted immediately. Secondly, posters inviting the people to join the ‘nation building’ campaign using the missed call number- 9871010101, shall be published in all legislative assembly constituencies in India,” Gopal Rai explained.

“Since elections to the local bodies in many states are to be scheduled in the coming months we want to take this campaign aggressively to the grass roots, so that we can contest local body elections and get good results. Thirdly, the state leadership will conduct a press conference in the state capitals and later in other major cities to disseminate the message of nation-building by joining Aam Aadmi Party effectively,” he further said.


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