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“Women Should Stop Thinking That They Are Non-Contributing Members of the Society” Kajol.


Kajol’s latest short film, Devi has been getting a lot of accolades on social media. The film brings forward the issue of alarming rate of rapes in our country, in a non-preachy way.

Kajol recently talked about a lot of pressing issues of our society- whether it’s rape, gender equality or standing up against any form of abuse in an interview.

“Empowerment comes from within. You cannot ask a man to empower you. If you demand respect, you will get it. Women should stop looking at themselves as non-contributing members of the society. We are not supposed to be passive member of the society. Ghar sambhalna sirf ek aurat ki responsibility nahi hai. Waise hi kamaana sirf ek ladke ki responsibility nahi hai.”

Kajol also speaks about how she is making a difference in society by teaching her kids the basics. “We have to start it with our children. The first thing I am doing is teaching my son that his mother will go out and work, so that when he grows up and sees his wife do the same, he feels it’s natural and that he doesn’t have to restrict that,” said Kajol.

The actress concluded by saying that people need to come out of their “tired acceptance”.

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