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“You’ve to lie a lot” Saif Ali Khan on staying away from social media


Saif Ali Khan along with Radhika Apte is currently busy with the promotions of their film, Vikram-Vedha. The duo
recently visited the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show for the same.

In a new and unseen clip from the show when Kapil asked Saif the reason for his lack of presence on social media, the actor laughed it off, saying that one needs to keep lying if they are on Instagram.

Kapil asked Saif, “I’ve not seen any account of yours, though there are many fake accounts under your name. Are you not social, or can you not get a user id?” Saif answered, “I tried joining, but I couldn’t find an ID. My name is Saif Ali Khan, and I tried joining, but there’s already names under that handle…” Kapil said that it was a good thing that he wasn’t on social media, adding that there is ‘too much tension’. Saif replied, “I feel the same. You’ve to lie a lot.” At this point, Radhika added, “He can’t lie at all, that is his best quality.” Saif continued, “No, no, I do lie. But you can get stuck on social media, whether you have to praise this person or that one, I am happy as I am.” Kapil answered that this is a good resolve, and that he wishes he could be the same.

Kapil then asked Saif why Hrithik Roshan, his Vikram-Vedha co-star wasn’t on the show. Saif had yet again another witty reply, “Producers wanted us to divide our energy… so he’s somewhere else, promoting the film. And don’t get too excited, if everyone came, your TRPs would increase so much otherwise that you’ll have to pay GST…”

Vikram Vedha, starring Saif and Hrithik, released on September 30 to glowing reviews. However, it couldn’t make much of an impact at the box office.