A proud patriot; Actor Aditya Aggarwal.


Secular & Republic country; INDIA, has finally accomplished its 75th Independence day with full pride. The spark was different this time in every Indian native as it was carried out by a true patriot. Our respected prime minister has asked everybody to wave our nation’s flag on the top of their house/roof just to feel the rush of patriotism and also announced “Har Ghar Tiranga” campaign and “Tiranga Yatra” rally.
Our top-most entrepreneur and media personality whose smart work has also paid him off in the form of more than 100 awards nationally and made him the best media partner and PR is none other than the Actor Mr Aditya Aggarwal. He is a founder of Pkg Lifestyle news and is seen with our national flag. Moreover, he completed his long drive from Delhi to Jaipur on the occasion of Independence day with his gorgeous wife Mrs Shipra Aggarwal. Being a true follower of the nation & our honourable prime minister, Mr Aditya Aggarwal along with his wife followed the “Har Ghar Tiranga” campaign by heart. The following campaign has personified their bond with Tiranga, said Mr Aditya.

This gesture of Mr Aggarwal is becoming an icon for the Indian youth and also has set a perfect example for the young generation on how to respect the nation and its glory. He drove from Delhi to Jaipur with the beautiful Tiranga on his car which was an indication of his patriotism. Hence, completed his “Tiranga Yatra” successfully. He was very excited and happy during this campaign and mentioned “IlovemyINDIA” with very bold and strong voice. It seemed that his wife was also enjoying this campaign full of emotions for the nation. Couples were perceiving the full nationalism and welcoming the good vibes of our Independence day. This was the moment of pride as stated by the couple.