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Bigg Boss 17 Controversy: Abhishek Kumar Expelled After Altercation with Samarth Jurel, Fans Share Mixed Reactions


Salman Khan’s popular reality show, Bigg Boss 17, has once again become the epicenter of controversy with the recent expulsion of contestant Abhishek Kumar. The shocking turn of events unfolded after a heated altercation between Abhishek and fellow housemates Samarth Jurel and Isha Malviya, ultimately resulting in a physical altercation.

In the midst of escalating tensions, Abhishek Kumar allegedly slapped Samarth Jurel, sparking outrage among both housemates and viewers alike. The incident prompted swift action from the show’s captain, Ankita Lokhande, who reportedly took charge of the situation and made the decision to evict Abhishek from the Bigg Boss house.

According to widespread discussions on social media, Ankita Lokhande’s role as captain played a pivotal role in determining Abhishek’s fate on the show. The decision to break one of the show’s crucial rules by physically assaulting a fellow contestant led to Abhishek’s expulsion, leaving fans with mixed emotions.

As news of Abhishek Kumar’s eviction spread, social media platforms were flooded with reactions from ardent Bigg Boss enthusiasts. While some expressed their support for Ankita Lokhande’s decisive action in maintaining order within the house, others voiced their discontent with the expulsion, questioning the fairness of the decision.

The controversy surrounding Abhishek’s expulsion adds another layer of drama to Bigg Boss 17, a season already known for its unexpected twists and turns. As fans continue to engage in spirited discussions about the incident, it remains to be seen how this latest development will impact the dynamics within the Bigg Boss house and the subsequent trajectory of the reality show.