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Bollywood’s leading ladies talk about song “Kudi Nu Nachne De”, and how it celebrates womanhood.


Actress Anushka Sharma has been away from big screen for quite a long time now but recently she appeared in the song “Kudi Nu Nachne De” from Irrfan Khan’s film “Angrezi Medium”. Talking about it the actress  said that she grew up in an environment where she was allowed to do whatever she wanted and hopes every girl can be free and experience life the way she did.

“I have grown up in an environment where I was allowed to do whatever I wanted. My father gave me that. It’s sad that even now in so many homes in India, you don’t let the girl just be free,” Anushka said.

That’s what attracted her to be part of the video of the song which celebrates womanhood.

“This is what the song is saying, to let the girl make mistakes and discover herself. It’s so sad that even now in so many homes in India, people don’t let the girl just be free and be their truest self. I hope every girl can experience that the way I did,” she added.

“Kudi Nu Nachne De” is sung by Vishal Dadlani, and speaks for equality and respecting a person’s wishes. Bollywood’s leading ladies including Anushka, Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt, Janhvi Kapoor, Ananya Panday and Kiara Advani, got together for the special song.

Talking about tune’s relevance, Alia said: “The song is important for today’s generation. It talks about letting a girl be, let her dream, let her achieve and once she does, she will do wonders and take over the world. Just let her fly.”

On what the track means to her, Katrina said: “The song is about celebration of life. Of course, the lyrics say ‘Let Her Dance’ but for me dance is an expression of joy. The message of the song is also about letting a girl express her true self. Don’t tell the girl how to dance… let her expresses her true herself and the world will be a better place.”

To this, Ananya added “The song stands for letting the girl sway to her own tunes and I am glad that my parents let me groove to my own beat my entire life. I hope that all parents let their girls dance to their own wish.”

Kiara feels the song is “every single girl’s inner voice. It talks of girls hoping to change the mindset of people, so that they live and let us live, let us be however we want”.

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