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Bosslady Seema Gumber is helping people to stay positive and productive during lockdown.


“Take life as it comes and live up to it “ this is what Seema Gumber Bosslady From Zeetv Dilidarlings and Director of Star buzzz events believes in .
Covid-19 has turned the entire world upside down. Seema had signed up her first Bollywood movie and a web series
just before the panademic but because of the worldwide pandemic all of them have been deferred. However our boss lady is still unstoppable and encouraging the community to stay positive during this time.

She and her company “Star buzzz events” along with her new expansion “Star Buzzz creations” are educating people about how to stay safe and motivated at home .
They are entertaining and bringing a lot of experts to our doorstep through live online discussions and entertainment virtual night.

Seema was the first one to come up with a cover song with popular faces of social circle and few celebrities like Meenakshi Dutt , Twinkle Vashisth and dillidarlings from Zeetv and released a motivation song “ Muskurayega india and then “ kudi nu nachne de” to encourage everyone to be high on spirits even in lockdown “not knocked down in lockdown” is the motto of her online campaign.

She was also the first one to introduce theme based digital virtual nights in association with some big brands like “the race lounge n bar “ , “son of a bun “ and “Ah so yum “ on Instagram like Sufi night , bhangra night and Bollywood DJ night.

She is even invited on many other public forums as motivational speaker and through her words she is encouraging the community.
My skill republic and many other production houses like Upentertainment productions and media houses appreciated her for her motivational lectures .

She and her company has now planned to come up with online academy which can train people in many aspects like
Personality , event management , makeup , styling , diet n nutrition and communication with experts from all fields. This will open many opportunities to experts as well as freshers to work towards taking there career to next level.

We wish Seema Gumber and Star buzzz events all the best for their future endeavours .