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“Budget Constraints Force Aamir Khan’s Sitaare Zameen Par and Raid 2 to Rethink Delhi Shoots”


Aamir Khan’s eagerly awaited project, “Sitaare Zameen Par,” is poised to bring warmth to this year’s Christmas season with its poignant narrative. Embarking on a journey of social consciousness, the film delves into the lives of individuals with Down syndrome, blending emotion with entertainment. Directed by RS Prasanna and inspired by the Spanish sports dramedy “Campeones,” it promises to be a heartfelt cinematic experience, slated for release during the festive season.

"Budget Constraints Force Aamir Khan's Sitaare Zameen Par and Raid 2 to Rethink Delhi Shoots"

However, recent developments have seen a shift in filming plans. Originally slated for a substantial shoot in Delhi, the capital of India, the production has been compelled to curtail its time in the city due to soaring expenses. According to reports from Hindustan Times, obtaining shooting permits for iconic locations like Rajiv Chowk metro station and the international airport has become financially prohibitive. Consequently, the Delhi schedule, initially planned for a month, has been condensed to a mere 8-10 days in July. To mitigate costs further, scenes originally earmarked for Delhi may be recreated in alternative locations such as Lucknow or Madhya Pradesh.

The narrative of “Sitaare Zameen Par” revolves around Aamir Khan’s character, a determined yet compassionate basketball coach entrusted with leading a team of Special Olympics athletes. These athletes, brimming with talent and diverse learning abilities, form the crux of a story set against the backdrop of the Paralympic Games, showcasing their journey of triumph and resilience.

Meanwhile, Ajay Devgn’s “Raid 2” faced similar challenges during its filming process. While the initial plan included shooting in Delhi, the production had to reconsider due to escalating costs. Instead, they opted for a brief stint in the capital, followed by an extended shoot in Lucknow. This strategic move aligns with a trend observed in the industry, with numerous productions gravitating towards Lucknow for its cost-effective filming environment and expedited permissions.

Both “Sitaare Zameen Par” and “Raid 2” exemplify the pragmatic approach adopted by Bollywood filmmakers in navigating the complexities of modern-day production. While Delhi’s allure as a cinematic backdrop remains undiminished, economic considerations compel a reevaluation of traditional filming paradigms, prompting filmmakers to seek alternative solutions without compromising on creative vision.