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Clash of Titans at the Box Office: Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki Holds Strong Against Prabhas’ Salaar on Day 2


In the much-anticipated clash of Bollywood and Tollywood heavyweights, Shah Rukh Khan’s latest release, Dunki, directed by Rajkumar Hirani, faced off against Prabhas’ Salaar on December 21. Despite the fierce competition, Dunki has managed to stand its ground well on day 2, showcasing resilience at the box office against the Salaar effect.

With high expectations surrounding Shah Rukh Khan’s third and final release of 2023, Dunki opened to a promising start, garnering approximately 30 crores on its debut day. The comedy-drama not only impressed with its on-screen content but also reflected robust pre-booking sales, contributing a substantial 16 crores to its overall collection.

As Salaar made its global theatrical debut today, cinephiles eagerly anticipated its impact on Dunki’s box office performance. However, early indicators suggest that Shah Rukh Khan’s film has weathered the storm quite well, maintaining a strong pace despite the arrival of the much-anticipated Salaar.

The clash between Dunki and Salaar has become a cinematic spectacle, with audiences closely monitoring the box office battle between two titans. Dunki’s ability to hold its own against the Salaar juggernaut speaks volumes about the film’s appeal and Shah Rukh Khan’s enduring star power.

I’m As the box office saga unfolds, Dunki’s performance on a working Friday underscores its resilience and ability to captivate audiences amidst tough competition. With both films vying for audience attention, the battle at the box office continues, promising an exciting narrative in the days to come.