Home Entertainment Climate-sensitive snail named after Greta Thunberg.

Climate-sensitive snail named after Greta Thunberg.


In addition to Time magazine’s Person of the Year and a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has received a new accolade from the scientific community. A team of researchers has decided to endow her with arguably the greatest honor of allby naming a snail after her.

The ‘Craspedotropis gretathunbergae’ is a new species of temperature-sensitive land snail discovered by Taxon expeditions in the forests of Borneo.

“The newly described snail belongs to the so-called caenogastropods, a group of land snails known to be sensitive to drought, temperature extremes and forest degradation,” said snail expert Menno Schilthuizen, co-founder of Taxon.

Greta is apparently “delighted” to have the snail named after her, the team claims.

“Naming this snail after Greta Thunberg is our way of acknowledging that her generation will be responsible for fixing problems that they did not create,” said J.P. Lim, who found the first specimen of the species.

It’s not the first tiny creature named after the climate crusader, Greta previously had a beetle named after her.