Home Entertainment “David Beckham’s Goosebumps at Wankhede Stadium: A Special Moment with Sachin Tendulkar”

“David Beckham’s Goosebumps at Wankhede Stadium: A Special Moment with Sachin Tendulkar”


Former football player David Beckham experienced an unforgettable moment at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai during the first semifinal between India and New Zealand. Beckham, who attended the match with Indian cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar, expressed getting goosebumps upon entering the stadium. He attributed the special feeling to walking alongside Tendulkar, acknowledging the unique energy within the stadium.

Speaking on BCCI TV, Beckham shared his impressions of the atmosphere and compared it to the renowned passion of football fans. Despite being a football aficionado, he admitted uncertainty, noting the incredible and electric atmosphere created by cricket fans during the thrilling semifinal, where India emerged victorious.

The crowd’s role as the 12th man was evident in the match, contributing to the charged atmosphere. Reflecting on his cricketing preferences, Beckham revealed his childhood connection to cricket, expressing a liking for batting. Humorously considering himself an all-rounder, he confessed to enjoying bowling and fielding as well.

As the co-owner of the Inter Miami soccer club, Beckham posted Instagram photos from Gujarat, showcasing his interactions with children and participation in cricket. In a unique exchange on the field, Beckham passed a football to Indian captain Virat Kohli during a walk with Tendulkar, creating a memorable crossover moment between football and cricket. The visit marked a special connection between the global football icon and the cricketing world, leaving fans delighted.